Microsoft Business Solutions Great Plains is marketed for mid-size companies as powerfully as Navision (which has exceedingly good positions in Europe and appear markets where it can be easily localized).

Great Plains Sales Order Processing (SOP) ability forms a 3rd of the heart Inventory and Order Processing component part of Great Plains. SOP allows you to deliver the goods the full gross sales process, from enter a new phase to finish, near precise meticulousness. This makes you experienced of plateful top patrons much effectively, computer screen fulfilment and invoicing and much precisely, and contour processes to minimise business enterprise costs and toil.

The SOP faculty builds stronger bond concerning you and your clients by optimizing the invoicing and transport procedure which speeds inquiries and establish deliveries and reduces errors. Work the way you deprivation by process trailing numbers, facts fields, consummated quantities, and else demand entrance functions to fit your needs.


o Repeating Documents - Save case and minister to insure correctness by transferring figures from an extant gross sales lay down to a new gross sales bid.

o Ship to by Line - Speed juncture to transfer done quadruplicate ship-to addresses on an individual demand. Send each file portion on an command to a various scene for that customer, good writ doorway example and consolidating tasks for quicker outturn.

o Credit Card Payment Processing - Avoid delays and expensive errors by process gross sales information and credit paper authorizations minus charging the paper or recognizing receipts until the directive ships.

o Multiple Site Allocation - Manage listing shortages by allocating inventory from fourfold sites for the same item, as resourcefully as options with substation, overriding, or commercialism the match.

o Prospective Customers- Track and manage forthcoming trade as prospects, dissimilar from ongoing accounts.

o Routine Documents - Create schedule documents specified as quotes, orders, and invoices, or more knotty ones close to income investigating reports, in written language or on-screen formats. Electronic rummage capabilities assistance guarantee you brainwave the substance you stipulation.

o Single Window Entry-Improve invoicing use near single-window lobby for efficient right to all critical information, as in good health as accumulation process and user-friendly instrument retailing processing.

o Cross Module Inquiries - Keep the furthermost grave reports in in advance of you spell creating by removal set for more details; devising inquiries cross-town Microsoft Business Solutions-Great Plains applications; or transportation up purchaser payment, shipping, and request rumour.

o Kit Items - Create kit items (groups of items generally sold-out as a one-member component) in the Inventory module and get rid of them through with Sales Order Processing.

o Information Availability - Easily isolate level ordered, backmost ordered, before invoiced, canceled and allocated hearsay about an item by accessing the Sales Quantity Status frame.

o Unlimited Process Holds - Define, review, or switch an unlimited number of action holds to gross sales documents.

o Sale of Discontinued Items (Option) - Manage stock list much effectively next to optional settings that prohibit out of print items from mortal entered on a quote, order, posterior order, or demand for payment.

Good destiny beside implementation, customization and reconciliation and if you have issues or concerns - we are present to help! If you poverty us to do the job - furnish us a telephone 1-630-961-5918 or 1-866-528-0577!



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