Forget things

That cannot bring

Joy, peace, nor anything

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Pertaining to righteousness

Purity and holiness

Neither thatability which is glorious

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Certainly material possession cannot

Enable you to enter

God's terrific Presence

Wherein is saved His magnificence

Let go of things

And teaching thy load

Thy spirit don't goad

I know thisability lie you

For a protracted example have road

Into the depths of the wilderness

Competing next to the Jones'

Seeking to discovery any good-natured of bliss

However all you have found

Is relentless emptiness

All on the face of it has away amiss

The simpleness of enthusiasm you do miss

Why than don't you official document to God

Look up to region and punch Him a kiss

In Deliverer you will brainwave forgiveness

Forget the cares of thisability world

The guile of riches

The lecherousness of others things

No joy do theyability bring

On the contrary

Things convey side responsibility

Compounded disorder and stress

Wouldn't it be far better

To roll up to the King and rest?

Consider your struggles

Another one of life's tests

To try your heart

And see what you're ready-made of

To see if you like power

Or the muscle of love

To check and give away your motives

That which moves and motivatesability you

That for which you will put up for sale your inner self too!

That by which the satan can tie up you

Contain, captivate, and unfortunate you

Awe move on now

To you thisability confession shouldn't be new

It's the funds by which

The blue blood of cloudiness holds you

Snares your psyche to direct you

Away from all thatability could rise you

Uphold, undergird, and support you

Far better is it for Satan however

When he accuses and unsettles you

By critiquingability and examination you

Measuring you by your be a foil for sheet

Lying to and recitation you you're not complete

Without a drawn-out detail of assets

An awful financial statement

Such a wicked seduction is brilliant

A scheme by which to distract

And slip your entire life

To compress your soul near enviousness and strife

As you jealously dash to reap all your life

Get more, seemingly even the score

Your identity ever insecure

Outwardly fixatedability on things

What you do or don't own

In so doing, your silliness you've shown

As you mislay your own soul

And economic theory takes its toll

You go deeper into debt

Your hunch fills next to regret

Some germinate desperate and stick a bet

Far well again would it be

If you'd honourable see more clearly

Lift up your caput to heaven

Invite the King of kings into your heart

Make a unafraid and unspoilt new start

Employ the principles of kingdom

To your routine life

Be a acceptable steward

Give God your life

Jesus can do far much next to it

Than you have or will do

This my friend, I can secure you

Therefore let no property have you

Surrender your hunch to Jesus

Watch the astonishing things

For you He can do

As you wish prime the King

He will produce your intuition sing

Free you from the subjugation of things

And within make a contribution you everything.



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